How to Find the Right Experts For Your Needs

Whether you are looking to hire or collaborate, defining and filtering your search correctly helps you find the best fit for each project

Define Your Search

step 1

Define your exact needs before you start your search

  • Define your exact needs before you start your search
  • Search for Services, Skills or Project types
  • Filter your results by Expertise, Price range and Language

step 2

Browse and Get Inspired

  • Explore all Experts to discover your many options
  • Find Experts to grow your professional network
  • Choose Card or List layout for a better user experience

step 3

Zoom in on Possible Matches

  • Hover over the colored circle graph to see each person’s Expertise
  • View each Expert's tagline and Cover Image
  • Go in-depth with full info, Price range and Skillset

step 4

Details Make a Difference

  • Look at multiple projects in full view to check consistency between them
  • Budget is important - always check pricing
  • Read the full info to see that you'll work well together

step 5

Get in Touch

  • Press the ‘Contact’ button to start a conversation
  • Be clear: Define your needs and check Expert availability
  • Feel free to contact more than one Expert at a time
  • Feel free to contact several experts to compare them

Find the Right Expert for Your Project